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We are retailers for LP´s biodling and selling products from the assortment
of Swienty´s. Down here you can see some examples from the assortment.

We have about 150 of the most common articles. We have the possibility to 
take them home very fast on your request.

If you want you can directly take home an actual catalogue from Swienty 
as a pdf fil  You can also for free take home a paper catalogue,  push here.  

Phone or send an e-mail and we will help you..
Phone 0702-503282  E-mail:  john@trogstahonung.

Product examples

112800 APIQueen pussel, 

You use the box for adding a queen into the beehive.
The box is placed between two frames..

107155 Uncapping knife

Uncapping knife for cutting away wax before extracting of frames.

114111 Inhive feeder LN

Inhive feeder for prevent starving or to speed up the bees (even in other format).

111660  Hexagonal glass, 250 gram

Glassjars you can use for flavoured honey (even as 125 gram)

105710  Rubber Gloves - blue size 10 (8-8½)  

Praktical glove, you can find in diffrent sizes with and without 

102105 Pollen trap plastic

Collect your own pollen with this pollentrap made of plastic. 
The trap is placed in front of the flight hole.
When the bees enter the hive the pollen will be brushed off and fall into a tray.
Plastic pollentrap, plastic mesh with round holes and alutray. 

In our shop you can find a big assortment with a lot of products from
the bee-keeping, different sizes of jars and honey in different tastes.
We also have other local products as:
   -  mutton sausages
   -  cheese cake (special local product)
   -  mustard
   -  cloudberry jam

Products for the Internet are just honey and propolis ointment:

1. Honey (KRAV) at glass jar, 500 gram (minimum order: 1 box = 17 jars)   
2. Honey (KRAV) at bucket, 1,5 kg (minimum order: 1 box = 10 buckets) 
3. Flavoured honey (KRAV) at hexagonal glass jar, 240 gram
Eukalyptus, lime, ginger. (minimum order: 1 box = 28  jars)

4. Propolis ointment, 30 gram (minimum order: 1 box = 10 jars)
5. You can compose a Mixed order from point 1-4   
     Minimum price for this mixed order: 700 SEK

Prices for these products exclude tax and freight.  
Honey tax rate = 12 %  Ointment tax rate = 25 %.          

Make the order in the following way:

1. Order (e-mail) Customer

2. Quick confirmation (e-mail) Trogsta Honung

3. Payment Customer

4. Delivery Trogsta Honung

If you want,
take part of the condition and the law distans och hemförsäljningslagen (swedish)
Please feel free to contact us, e-mail

We have very low freight costs within Sweden!
Example for total freigtcost (about):     
  3 kg:    90 SEK + tax
16 kg:  120 SEK + tax   
30 kg:  180 SEK + tax

Very welcome to visit us in our shop! You can also
make a phone call or send an e-mail to Trogsta Honung
We are Environment Certified via KRAV.